Friday, April 17, 2009

Am I ready?

Editing and Proofreading seem to be a natural talent I have acquired since childhood, and being asked to do it professionally in my, 'grown up years', has really been a wonderful challenge to being as optimistic and objective as possible to the authors I have worked with throughout the years.

Now, it seems that fate has taken a turn of events and I have been asked to represent them and their works, to publicly announce their books, and writings, and to submit them and retain offers and rights. "HOLY MOLY"! What a new and enduring process and learning experience this has been over the past year!

I have been loving every single minute of it though, it has taken me through a wild journey of discovering a true voice within myself.

It's really a grand journey in which I hope to look back upon and see the little worries, and the obstacles that I may overcome, and to get to know the new people I meet.

Starting a new direction in my career in Literary Services is definitely a journey. There have been moments and mornings when I awake and I am ready to take on the world and I feel terrific and proud and excited, and there have been other days, where the clouds seem to cover and loom, dread and self doubt fill me. I will keep pursuing my dream, are you ready? Lets hope so!


  1. Hi Shannon my name is actually David Smith. Anne is my wife of 27 years we have two children Dawn 24, now swaning around Sydney Australia and Matthew - Matty 15, just recovering from scoliosis surgery, but off school and loving all the attention. I'm from Northern Ireland. I must confess I have partly a selfish reason for contacting you - only partly. I came across you apparently by accident. The selfish reason is I am looking to find a publisher for my book: "Walk With Me To Morningtown". Good luck with your new venture and maybe I'll hear back from you. By the way do like the work of "Mitch Albom"? Or do you like the music of Buffy Sainte Marie - especially her song "The Big Ones Get Away"? To an extent the spirit of this song orientates my story, in fact no - it actually courses through its veins. Good luck again Shannon! This is a completely new experience for me; talking to a complete stranger. A bit surreal - really!

  2. Forgot to add, sounds to me as if you've been ready all your life, if that answeres your question - chin up!

  3. Why would my literary agent advise me to burn my book and take up bricklaying?? Is that highbrow wit? I hope so.

  4. Heroinhead,
    That sounds pretty harsh, but none the less we can hope it was to be for a witty chuckle. I can always take a sneak peek if would like, you can email me with a sample or summary.