Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank You

To a new found person I admire, I would like to say "Thank You", for the correction.

I find it funny how no one else has been able to point out a simple mistake as such, and have yet to mention it, I am sincerely obliged.

Because of this finding, I have been inspired to post to this blog, which I have not been too inspired to do so lately. I have been caught up in working a bit too much, or concentrating on my own writing to even really pay attention to other simple needs or tasks.

Funny how sometimes that happens, we tend to get caught up in the things around us that we forget to pay attention to the details, the small things that matter, the little things we should be thankful for.

I don't claim to be perfect, and I don't claim to be always right, but damn it feels good to think so once in awhile. But when something is pointed out to you that can be an easy correction I have no qualm to immediately change it. Wa-la all better. I am usually the person who is giving feedback, and finding new ways to improve upon what is being done, and sometimes I forget to look back to see if I am needing correction. Thank goodness for people who 'see' and will make that special effort to go out of their way and let someone know. I don't know how other people feel about it, but I appreciate it.


P.S. I had a good giggle*

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  1. The hardest thing for writers to do is to "see" their own mistakes. I can completely relate. Even editors need an editor when they write. So often, we see what we intended to write, not what has actually made it onto the page. But that's why we watch out for each other. =)