Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everything is just smooth sailing.

I have not posted anything as of late, there seems to be nothing to complain about or brag about... everything has just been smooth sailing.

There are little things that may peeve me off, such as too many 'buts' or 'so' included in a lot of writing... BUT I figure that is an easy thing to do when writing, SO I do not make such a big stink over the little things... in fact that is what the editor's job is to do.

SO I just let it slide by me, I am more interested in the story that remains to be told by the author, if it is deem-able to be on the market and can become a 'HOT' item for avid readers by subject,,, pertinent to sales,,, then ok by me.

I am gaining more authors requests, which invariably is awesome to me! There is a rather large amount of reading I do during the day, which can be a bit tedious when I have so many other projects to contend to, yet it is a great 'sign' (if you will) that things are going well.

Currently on the plate:
Lithomancy : Psychic Art of Stone Readings - G. Wimmer

A how to manual on the ancient art, such as runes, and tarot combined with the intuitive and psychic connection of stone vibrations. A lot of astrological influence and historically based findings on religion and the occult.

Rocks by the Island : Fantasy Sci-Fi (book 1 in trilogy) - C. Seck

Simply pleasing and an easy readers fantasy into the realm of Ranalda, with all the magic and prophecy, as main characters are guided step by step towards a new found life in an old and haunting homeland. The Angelic prophecies are coming to revelation, a new King and Queen are more fond of the adoption of new lessons to be told than to hang onto the old ways of the Courts and Royal families; a truly enjoyable journey, into their trials and as their lives emerge.

Desert Seduction: Hot Erotic Romance - A. Michaels

Can we say, sex, seduction, sex, a private detective, sex, and a love story... all tied into one?!
An episode of a valiant private detective, you know the kind all men wish they could be... meeting the neighbor, whom after accepting a new job, in a new city inadvertently finds himself into a case of entanglement and embezzlement. Trying to decipher the 'who dunnit' and falling head over heels for the woman of his dreams, she is also under suspect, but will his hushed deceit of not telling her the truth abandon his heart? or is there more included in this hot rendezvous.

SO those are the current on the table projects... BUT I have more on the way ... be sure to stay tuned to learn about the new and upcoming, from Touche' Literature.

Patriotism: Red, White and Blue, and Sometime Black - R. Wade

He Wasn't the One: C. Hughes

Spartan Heart: K. Cheney

My Name is Clara: E. Rose

Wonderful Wishes,

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